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How should I get started?

checklist of memberships

Wholesale Customer: You can either pay a $35 wholesale membership fee for the year​ and create your own starter kit to receive wholesale pricing, or you can start with an enrollment kit, which waives that fee, and offers an excellent foundation to begin your journey.  Click here to check out enrollment kit options.

Wellness Advocate: If you want to do the business and educate others about  essential oils and offer them an opportunity to incorporate them into their lives, you can choose to enroll as a wellness advocate.  If you are brand new  to oils, my recommendation is to enroll as a wholesale customer so that you have a chance to utilize your oils and are comfortable speaking about them from experience.  After 90 days you can upgrade to an advocate for free,   

Retail: We have a saying in dōTERRA that friends never let friends buy retail.  It is typically not the best bang for your buck if you think you may purchase other products within the same year. 

Loyalty Rewards Program: This is an optional program designed to incentivize you to make healthy choices for your lifestyle.  This program allows you to reallocate your expenses each month from the big box stores, in which you purchase your supplements, haircare, skincare, oral care etc. to dōTERRA, which offers clean, high quality products.  Each month you can edit your shopping cart to restock your cabinets or try new products.  Click here to see the benefits of this program.  

How to enroll:

  1. Go to; Click Join & Save (at the top).  

  2. Determine which type of membership you would like (Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate). 

  3. Click "Join doTerra" at the bottom.

  4. Fill in your personal information and create a password.

  5. Choose the Wellness Advocate option or the Wholesale Customer option.

  6. The Referral information should already be filled in for you. If it is not, please enter 2364252 in the box, as this is my ID number.

  7. Select the Enrollment Kit that you’re drawn to, and/or add any additional items at the 25% off price (wholesale) to your cart.  

  8. Finalize your shipping/payment. Click “Process Order Now and Continue.”

  9. Welcome to dōTERRA!

You will receive an email from dōTERRA and I will follow up with some helpful information to get you started.  I offer a 30 minute wellness consult after your oils are received, which is a great time to ask questions and go over different uses for your new tools. You will be plugged in to our online oil community and are free to contact me anytime with questions you may have.  



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