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doterra wellness lifestyle pyramid

Essential oils are an amazing support for the mind and body, but they are just a piece of the puzzle.  Personally, incorporating essential oils into my life was only the was a gateway to a healthier lifestyle.  As I started to educate myself about the importance of reducing the toxic load in our home, I began making some of our own household cleaning products and also began utilizing dōTERRA's clean, plant-based products.  I then put a huge focus on creating a solid routine each week, which included more exercise, eating more whole, clean foods,  drinking more water, and taking my daily supplements.  This process took time and commitment, but was well worth the effort. 

If you are ready to make some changes in your household and improve your health and wellness, choose one section of the wellness lifestyle pyramid and get started on this journey.  Once you have achieved a goal, and it is a part of your new routine, you are ready to tackle the next. You will never look back! 


Need some guidance on where to get started and how? Let me guide you along the way.  Contact me now so we can connect and get this party started!  

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